We source our range of coloured stones from all over the world and in most cases from suppliers we have dealt with for many many years.

   We offer a varied range of designs and a most exciting range of coloured stones, some not regularly seen in retail outlets.

   We take pride in our collection of coloured stones and treat them the same way we do our Diamonds. We use precision cutting on all our stones so they sparkle and glisten from every angle.

Things you need to know:‚Äč

  • find a design you love and we'll design it with the gemstone of your choice 

  • all designs are available in 9ct, 10ct, 14ct, 18ct Gold

  • all designs are available in Rose, White and Yellow Gold

  • all designs are available in Platinum


We have a beautiful range of Amethyst from the regal Purple to soft Mint


Peach Pink Morganites sit

beautifully in Rose Gold


The majestic Tanzanite 

showcased in White Gold

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz - a stunning Blue. 

Swiss Blue or London Blue


Our collection of Rubies includes earrings, rings and pendants


The perfect pair. Peach Pink

Morganite & Diamonds


A classical beauty. Sapphire

and Diamond Ring


Emerald and Diamond

Dress Ring