Mens wedding rings have changed over the years from being a simple means of remembering loved ones to a symbol of a lifetime union. 

   We take into account the mens lifestyle, when he will wear the band, comfort and as importantly design.  We have a varied range of metal choices from Gold, Platinum, Platinum 60, Titanium and the newly popular Zirconium.

   The ring is a symbol of many aspects of the relationship between the two people. It is also a means of conveying a message to the person they are married to.

   When did men start wearing rings?

During the World Wars soldiers would wear wedding rings as a means of remembering their loved ones. It is only after the Korean War that male wedding bands took on the sentimental value they have today. 

   The Custom wearing of the ring

Different cultures have varied traditions but we choose to wear the ring on the left hand. One of the reasons for this is that it is believed the vein of love or vena amoris runs through the left hand. 

Things you need to know:

  • choose from over 10 different metals

  • choose from over 500 designs

  • select comfort fit on most designs

  • the ring is custom made for you

  • choose your width

  • choose your thickness

  • free engraving on every ring


We mix Zirconium with

Black or White Diamonds

Black Zirconium

Team Black Zirconium with precious

metals & white Diamonds

Breaking Tradition

Break away from tradition and

consider a contemporary version

Black Zirconium

Black & White Zirconium

available with Comfort Fit

Black Zirconium

Available in varying profiles,

finishes, widths and thicknesses

Contemporary Metals

Choose from contemporary metals

Titanium, Cobalt, Platinum 600